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8K Immersive Display Setup


First, please follow the Hardware Setup Guide that came with your Looking Glass. If it can't be found, download a copy here:

8K Hardware Setup Guide
8K Stand Setup Guide (Optional)


Download and install HoloPlay Service to start working with holograms.

Download Software

Make sure to register HoloPlay Service when prompted to get device-specific updates.

Leap Motion Setup

Some applications are controllable via the Leap Motion hand tracking hardware (included). To use these features, please download and install the V4 (Orion) version of the Desktop SDK.

Leap Motion Setup

Note -- this software is already installed on computers purchased directly from Looking Glass Factory.

Test your Setup

This simple test can be run to ensure that hardware is connected and software is installed and configured:

Test Setup

When the above button is pressed, the Looking Glass should show a 3D image like below. To close this image, move your mouse over and click anywhere on the image.

The image should appear 3D. If it appears with diagonal lines (as on the right), there is an error. Please retry the setup steps above to ensure it is properly configured. If that doesn't fix it, try troubleshooting HoloPlay Service.

Looking Glass is broken image

The following applications demonstrate the features / capabilities of the immersive 8K Display:

Lightfield Photo App

Interactive BMW Engine

Keijiro Squid

Dental CT Scan Sample

4DViews Monk

Point Cloud

Additional Software / Development

Once setup is complete, visit the User Guide welcome page to learn more about the different ways to use the Looking Glass. Alternatively, visit the Looking Glass Software Page for a list of applications and development tools available.