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HoloPlay Core SDK

The HoloPlay Core SDK is a cross-platform software development kit that makes your existing 3D software compatible with the Looking Glass. Use your application’s current UI and workflow to build seamless plug and play experiences for your end users.


Developers can use any rendering backend (DirectX, OpenGL, Metal, Vulkan) and any windowing library (e.g. GLFW, Qt, SDL). Beyond that, in order to render to the Looking Glass display, your application must be able to:

  • Generate a borderless fullscreen window at a specific position
  • Distort the camera's projection matrix
  • Render multiple views to a texture
  • Apply a shader to the texture

Also, your end user must have HoloPlay Service installed on their machine.

How It Works

The HoloPlay Core SDK provides your application all the information it needs to draw to the Looking Glass, including window information and calibration.

Why Window Information is Important

Operating systems see connected Looking Glass devices as HDMI monitors. Your application must know how the OS sees the monitor so that it knows where to draw the windows.

Why Calibration Data is Important

Each Looking Glass has its own device-specific calibration, read over USB. Your application must know this calibration data in order to render holograms properly on the Looking Glass.

All Together

HoloPlay Core (the graphics library integrated into your application) gets this information by providing an API endpoint to request information from HoloPlay Service (a persistent driver-like service that is installed on the user’s machine). HoloPlay Core uses this information to draw your 3D scene to the Looking Glass.


These reference documents cover some of the underlying logic inside the SDK:

An example OpenGL project is distributed as part of the HoloPlay Core SDK to demonstrate how to move the camera and render to a texture in the appropriate format.

To learn more about the Looking Glass and how it works, click here.

API References

Visit our documentation on the C API for more detailed support on how to effectively use and integrate the HoloPlay Core SDK into your application.


Email us at if you have any further questions about how you can integrate HoloPlay Core into your software.