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HoloPlay Studio

Version Notice!!
This documentation is for the HoloPlay Studio Advanced Beta Backer edition. Features will change / be added as time goes on and as we advance to the main public release.

HoloPlay Studio is the hologram companion app for your Looking Glass portrait. With it, you can import holograms from a variety of sources, create and organize playlists, and make minor edits to any hologram you create.


Computer Requirements

This version of HoloPlay Studio is tested on computers with a GTX 1060 equivalent or better. At this time, support for less powerful graphics cards is experimental.

Some computers may experience a bug that results in either a solid purple image or a solid black image on the Looking Glass Portrait. Resolution steps can be found below in the Known Beta Issues section.

Firmware Update

If you received your Looking Glass Portrait before March 1st, you will need to update your firmware before syncing with HoloPlay Studio.
You can find instructions on how to do this in the Getting Started guide.

Required Software

In order for HoloPlay Studio to run, your computer must have the following software installed.

Download HoloPlay Studio

Once downloaded and installed, make sure your Looking Glass Portrait is connected and in desktop mode before opening and using HoloPlay Studio.

Known Beta Issues

Purple Screen

If running on a computer with both an integrated and high performance card (common with laptops), HoloPlay Studio should automatically pick the high performance card. If your Looking Glass Portrait ever shows a solid purple screen, please modify your NVIDIA Control Panel settings to change HoloPlay Studio with these instructions.

If you're still running into issues, try changing ffmpeg.exe to run on integrated graphics.

Certain iPhone Photos not working

iPhone Portrait mode photos can be imported, but certain varieties of them are not supported. More information here.