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Key Concepts

Looking Glass displays provide completely new ways of thinking about digital spaces and how they integrate with physical spaces.

The following documentation provides overviews for key concepts in understanding how Looking Glass displays work. These concepts serve as a foundation for our hardware and software, and having a good grasp of these ideas will help you create stunning hologram experiences.


  • How it works explains how Looking Glass displays produces its effect.
  • Filming Tips covers the best tips for documenting your Looking Glass creations for 2D video.


  • Moving the Camera describes how the specific ways in which cameras (both virtual and physical) must be manipulated to capture holographic source data.
  • Quilts are an image texture format (for still images, videos, and dynamic content) that drive many Looking Glass experiences. Understanding this format is helpful for some forms of advanced development.
  • 3D Design Guidelines provides best practices for developing interactive applications, videos, or photos for the Looking Glass.