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HoloPlay Settings

The HoloPlay Settings can be found in the Project settings under Plugins -> HoloPlay Plugin.

You can open the settings in two ways

1. Click the HoloPlay Settings button on the toolbar above the editor viewport.


2. Edit -> Project Settings -> Plugins -> HoloPlay Plugin



Window Settings

HoloPlay Window Size

Size of render window in pixels.

HoloPlay Screen Position

Location to open separate HoloPlay render window.

Borderless Window

Should window be borderless.

Using OS Native Window Border

Should window be borderless.

Window Type

Select what type of window you would like to render in.

  • Windowed
  • WindowedFullscreen
  • Fullscreen

Lock in Main Viewport

Should rendering take place in main editor viewport. Turn this on before you package your build unless you want to render a 2D version of your scene to your main display.

Auto Placement in HoloPlay

Should window automatically be placed to screen.

Screenshot Settings

HoloPlay Lenticular Screenshot

  • Specify Name
  • Select Screenshot Key
  • Set Screenshot Resolution

HoloPlay 3D Screenshot

  • Specify Name
  • Select Screenshot Key
  • Set Screenshot Resolution

HoloPlay 2D Screenshot

  • Specify Name
  • Select Screenshot Key
  • Set Screenshot Resolution

Tiling Settings

Set Tiling preset values used in HoloPlay Capture. These settings are used for rendering the quilt image to the desired specifications.

Shader Settings

Quilt Mode

  • Render only in quilt mode (don’t apply lenticular shader)
  • 0 = off
  • 1 = on

Pattern Mode

  • Render single color for debugging shader pattern
  • 0 = off
  • 1 = on

Flip YTex Coords

  • Apply Y flip on texture coordinates
  • 0 = off
  • 1 = on

Calibration Parameters Read from Device

  • Pitch
  • Slope
  • Center
  • View Cone
  • View Inversion
  • Vertical Angle
  • DPI
  • FlipImageX
  • FlipImageY
  • FlipSubPixels
  • Default Aspect
  • ScreenWidth
  • ScreenHeight
  • Model

Scene Settings

Projection Matrix

  • Should projection matrix be applied
  • 0 = off
  • 1 = on

View Matrix

  • Should view matrix offset be applied
  • 0 = off
  • 1 = on

Debug Settings

Input Key

  • Set key for opening debug menu

Debug Mode

  • Should debug menu be displayed

Debug Font

  • Set debug text font

Debug Font Scale

  • Set debug font size

Debug Font Color

  • Set debug font color

Debug Background Color

  • Set debug menu background color

Debug Font Location

  • Set debug menu location in window

Scalability Settings

The main functionality to get frame rate improvements at the cost of some visual quality. 0 is the lowest setting, 5 is the highest.