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Using the Plugin

1) Add HoloPlayCapture to Scene

HoloPlayCapture is the primary camera component used for rendering and visualizing objects on the Looking Glass. To use this asset, navigate to HoloPlay C++ Classes ->HoloPlayRuntime->Classes->Game folder found in the engine Content Browser.


Left click and drag this file into your editor viewport and it will immediately be added to your scene. Once added to your scene, you should be able to see the visualized frustum representing the display area of the Looking Glass screen.


2) Place Object in Display Area

To visualize something in 3D, all you need to do is drag an object into the center of the frustum.



  1. The center provides the best visual experience when displaying objects in 3D.
  2. Keep in mind (if UseFarClipPlane is enabled) any objects or parts of objects beyond the virtual display area will be cut off and not rendered.

3) Open the display area

To open the HoloPlay window and view your objects in 3D you can click the “HoloPlay Play” button found on the right side of the toolbar above the editor viewport.


Once you click the “HoloPlay Play” button, if you have a Looking Glass plugged in, the plugin will automatically detect your screen and the scene will open up in the Looking Glass display.

If you don’t have a screen connected, a separate window will appear and you will be able to see the expected rendered image with each individual view applied giving it a “blurry” effect.

4) Play the Scene

To play the scene and see your content in “Play Mode” just press the “Play” button in the toolbar above the editor viewport. This will run the scene in game mode.