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Working with Screenshots

Taking Screenshots

There are 3 types of screenshot supported by the UE4 HoloPlay Plugin

  1. Lenticular Screenshot
  2. Quilt Screenshot
  3. 2D Screenshot

The settings for each of these can be found under Screenshot Settings in the HoloPlay Plugin Settings found in Project Settings. You can get there by pressing the settings button in the toolbar.


In the settings you can change saved file name, screenshot key binding, and output resolution.

By default the input screenshot keys are:

  • Lenticular Screenshot - F10
  • Quilt Screenshot - F9
  • 2D Screenshot - F8

Lenticular Screenshot

The lenticular screenshot takes a screenshot of the rendered image after the lenticular shader which blends all views together has been applied. You can display this screenshot only on one display that uses the same calibration data as is set in your project settings.

Example Screenshot:


Quilt Screenshot

The quilt screenshot takes a screenshot of the rendered image before the lenticular shader has been applied and after all views have been copied to the quilt texture. Quilt screenshots can be shared among users with different Looking Glass displays. To view a Quilt Screenshot on a different display, you can either use the Unity or Unreal HoloPlay plugin and place your screenshot in the Override Quilt Texture 2D field in your capture settings.

To view your Override Quilt Texture 2D, see Override Quilt Preview below.

Example Screenshot:


2D Screenshot

The 2D screenshot takes a screenshot of the rendered image before the projection or view matrix calculations are applied. This is the same as a standard game screenshot from the perspective of the base camera location as seen in the editor.

Example Screenshot:


Override Quilt Preview

If you would like to view a static quilt screenshot or quilted texture downloaded, you can use that doing the Unreal HoloPlay plugin as well. There are a few basic steps you need to follow to view your screenshot in Unreal Engine.

  1. Drag the Quilt Texture you would like to use into the “Content Browser” area in Unreal Engine to import your texture into the editor.
  2. Select your HoloPlayCapture Actor you have placed in the scene. On the right hand side in the Details Panel you will find a field called Override Quilt Texture 2D.
    Click the drop down and select your new quilt texture or drag and drop it from the Content Browser into the empty field.
  3. Double click on the image you imported into the Content Browser and set these settings:
    • MipGenSettings - NoMipmaps
    • sRGB - unchecked
    • Filter - Nearest

You should be set to press play and preview your override quilt texture in your Looking Glass Display.