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“Could not be compiled”

If you get an error like this,


  1. Open your visual studio .sln and try running from there.

  2. Watch the output and check the errors in the output log.

    1. In many cases, visual studio will not compile the project if you have an outdated version. Just update your version using the installation manager and try to build again.

“Cannot find the path specified”


This may be because you have the wrong startup project selected in Visual Studio. To fix it, go into your Solutions Explorer panel on the right hand side and right click your project and select “Set as StartUp Project”.


“Cannot find the file specified”


This happens when you have your Visual Studio project set to build for Win32 platform instead of Win64.

You can fix this by making sure your “Solution Platform” is set to Win64 platform. You can find the dropdown at the top toolbar in Visual Studio.


Additional Support

If you have any other issues with the plugin, please report them to the Github Issues page for this project.