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3D Print App

(updated Apr 2019, v0.4-beta)

The 3D Print App creates full-scale visualizions of your 3D models in Looking Glass before they are printed.

3D Print App screenshot

If you have a 3D printer, this app:

  • provides full-scale interactive print previews
  • provides controls for minor modifications on scale and rotation
  • plates, slices, and prints
  • provides a real-time render of the current print progress in the Looking Glass
  • shows live video of printer bed (if your printer supports it)

If you don't have a 3D printer, this app integrates with Shapeways to allow you to order a print of what you see.


  • A computer connected to a Looking Glass
  • The 3D Print App from the Library
  • Your 3D model must be in *.stl format
  • The app currently only supports Chrome. Please change your default system browser to Chrome before opening the app.

If ordering through Shapeways...

  • a Shapeways account

If using your own printer...

  • The printer must be an FDM printer with an OctoPrint instance
  • You must have your printer's Slic3r settings -- specifically settings that are compatible with Slic3r 1.2.9. Often your printer's manufacturer will publish them or you can find them online.


When the app starts, it will also spawn a Chrome browser window, which manages all print settings.

File Setup

File Setup Panel

Import your *.stl file in the Choose File field.

Modifying the Scale will change the size of the actual print (as well as the preview).

The Model Orientation controls allows you to align the 3d print to the bed.

Model View

Once the *.stl is fully loaded (may take a few moments), the Looking Glass will show a preview of your file. You can control the Looking Glass preview by placing your mouse cursor inside the Looking Glass:

  • Click and drag will rotate the view
  • Scroll wheel will zoom in and out (note, the checkerboard plate underneath the model is a 1cm grid)
  • Right click and drag will pan the view

Model View

The Model View has controls to change the size of the model in the Looking Glass, toggle the visibility of the printer's build plate (to see if the print will fit on the bed), and change the preview color of the model.


Use this field to log into your Shapeways account to order your model.

If you have your own FDM printer with an OctoPrint instance, you'll be taken through a 4-step process to start your print.

Step 1: Linking OctoPrint

Print to OctoPrint

You should be able to find your printer's OctoPrint IP address using this guide.

You can find the API Key by clicking on the top right corner on your account, then select "User Settings". Inside the second section of the pop-up window, you will see "Current API Key".

Step 2: Slic3r Settings

Configure Slic3r opens the Slic3r configuration wizard, which will walk you through the configuration. More information on that process is available in the Slic3r manual.

Once you've saved your settings, you can double check them by clicking "Show Slic3r Config"

Configure Slic3r

Step 3: Slice Model


Check Print with Supports if your model has overhangs.

Step 4: Upload to OctoPrint


Once your model is sliced, it's ready to be printed.

If you choose not to Automatically print when upload is finished, the web interface will open the OctoPrint control panel in a new tab, and you can start your print with that.

If multiple people are using the 3D Print App to monitor the same OctoPrint instance, Also upload 3D model to OctoPrint will allow others to live preview the model on their Looking Glass.

Printing Status

The Print Status shows a webcam feed of the print job in action.


You will also see a live preview of the print in the Looking Glass

Live preview