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3D Viewers

3D Viewers

The Looking Glass application suite natively supports many different 3D content formats:

Format Application Description
depth-encoded imagery, certain iPhone photos, Depthkit video Depth Media Player The Depth Media Player is a tool that shows depth photos and depth videos on the Looking Glass.
light field photo sets, quilts Lightfield Photo App The Lightfield Photo App lets you view, edit, and manage static 3D images (or light field photos).
*.obj, *.gltf, *.glb 3D Model Importer The 3D Model Importer allows you to easily view 3D models on your Looking Glass. The guide explains where to find models and how to import them. The reference gives a more detailed explanation of how it works.
*.stl 3D Print App The 3D Print App creates full-scale visualizions of your 3D models in Looking Glass before they are printed. Integrates with OctoPrint and Shapeways.

Your preferred format not listed?

This list of formats only describes what is natively supported by the above applications. If you'd like to see a hologram of a file in a format not listed, there are still plenty of options available, including:

  • Converting your file into one of the above formats
  • Manually constructing a Quilt
  • Importing your file into one of our development tools

If there's a format that you'd like to see natively integrated in one of our tools, we'd love to hear your suggestions!