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The quilt is the format Looking Glass uses to store light fields in sets of views as common 2D images. It is the texture referred to in the HoloPlay Core Overview that multiple views are rendered to and a shader is applied to.

Views start in the lower left corner, with view 0 being the leftmost view. The views are then added to the right and then up, in a grid, like so:

In some cases the views do not fill up the entirety of the quilt; for example, you might need a quilt size that is a power of two, but have an odd number of rows or columns. The resulting empty space pads out the top and right of the quilt image, as shown in gray above.

Common Formats

There are two formats commonly used: low-res and hi-res. Low-res is only recommended for use on 8.9" systems when greater performance is required, and makes content easier to record and stream. Hi-res is recommended for most applications, including real-time rendering.


  • width: 2048
  • height: 2048
  • viewWidth: 512
  • viewHeight: 256
  • columns: 4
  • rows: 8
  • numViews: 32


  • width: 4096
  • height: 4096
  • viewWidth: 819
  • viewHeight: 455
  • columns: 5
  • rows: 9
  • numViews: 45

Learn more about quilts here.