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3D Model Importer

(last updated April 2019, v0.37)

The Model Importer allows you to view 3D models on your Looking Glass. The latest version can be downloaded and installed directly from the Library.

These docs contain:

  • A guide to walk you through using the app
  • A reference to consult for specific questions.


The 3D Model Importer has a growing list of features, including:

  • Support for .obj, .glTF, and .glb file formats
  • Intuitive camera controls (orbit, translate, zoom)
  • Animation support for glTF / glb
  • Modifiable lighting and textures
  • 3D cursor for precise pointing
  • Slideshow presentation for multiple models

Software Support

Various types of 3D modeling software have various levels of support for the accepted file formats (.obj, .glTF, .glb).

Source Software Type Support
Sketchfab Sketchfab Model Repository .glTF download available for all downloadable models
TurboSquid TurboSquid Model Repository Search can be filtered to show models that support obj files
Poly Poly Model Repository Search must be filtered to only show "Blocks models" that are "Remixable"
Blender Blender 3D Modelling Native .obj support
Maya Maya 3D Modelling .obj support via Plugin
Cinema 4D Cinema 4D 3D Modelling Native .obj support
Paint 3D Paint 3D 3D Modelling (Native to Windows) Native .obj support
Unknown Everything else N/A First check to see if it natively exports an accepted format. If not, this list of glTF converters and exporters may be helpful. Of all the tools listed, we've found success using Sketchfab's conversion tools.


This app is still in beta. If you discover any issues please help us by reporting them on the Github Issues Page