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Getting Started With Voxatron

Voxatron is a fantasy console and collection of games made entirely out of voxels. Not only can you play official games in Voxatron, but you can also remix existing games, or create your own entirely new games and share them!

In this tutorial, we will cover how you can get Voxatron up and running on your computer with your Looking Glass as well as the basics for designing your own game cartridge in Voxatron.

Step 1: Downloading Voxatron

After your Looking Glass arrived, you should have received a welcome email from our team that pointed you to our Getting Started page and a link to your unique license to download Voxatron. Click that link, and follow the instructions on the page.

You will then be prompted to enter the email that you wish your download to be sent to. You'll get an email from Lexaloffle Gamesconfirming your key activation, providing you your link to the Voxatron download page, which also allows you to download Pico-8 and Swarm Racer 3000 as a bonus!

Step 2: Playing Voxatron

Make sure that your Looking Glass is plugged into your computer before you start the Voxatron application. If you have an Xbox 360, Xbox One,Playstation 3, or Playstation 4 controller, you can also plug that in to use to play the official games in Voxatron. If not, no worries - using your keyboard works just fine!

When you run Voxatron, you should immediately be in the "Splore" page, which allows you to select a game to play, options, Designer, or to shutdown the application. I suggest you play a couple of games first to get an idea of how Voxatron plays and works before you move on to the next step. If you're using a keyboard to play, you can use wasd/arrow keys to move, space to jump, and x to shoot.

Step 3: Designing in Voxatron

Video Tutorial

Here's an in-depth tutorial on how to get started in Voxatron Designer to make a simple game:

Tutorial Video


The official Voxatron Designer User Manual, written by the creator, can be found on their site.

For a reference for the topics covered in the tutorial, take a look at the Voxatron Object Reference and the Keyboard Shortcuts