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Voxatron Shortcuts Guide

Here is a guide to shortcuts for navigating around Designer in Voxatron.

Common Shortcuts

P - play current room

Shift-P - Play and show timeline

Ctrl-S - Save

Crtl-L - Load

Ctrl-Z - Undo

Ctrl-Y - Redo

A, Z - move objects up & down

[ ] - Move objects in time

Shift-R - rotate selected objects

R - rotate the cursor object

D - delete selected

tab - show/hide menu on the right

escape - toggle console

Ctrl-C - copy

Ctrl-V - paste

Ctrl-A - select all

Ctrl-I - invert selection

enter - select nothing

+ - edit previous/next item

m - drag to move selected objects

g - set selection group

Shift-G - turn selected objects into a group

h - hide selected objects

H - unhide all

hold shift to move faster

cursor move selected object/voxels

Object Editor Shortcuts

f - flip X

Shift-F - flip Y

r - rotate around Z

Shift-R - rotate around X

Room editor

f - bring selected objects to the front

Shift-F - push selected objects to the back